Something wrong with my FiveM Server, Please help!



Since a while, i’ve noticed whenever my FiveM Server (Home hosted) starts up, i see this ip at the bottom: “” But the strange thing is this is NOT my ip, and also not the port i portforwarded (i use 30120)

Is there someone that could help me?


Could you send the first 2 lines of your server.cfg please?


Sure, gimme a second


You mean this?

you probably don’t want to change these!

only change them if you’re using a server with multiple network interfaces

endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp “”


That’s the ip and port for It’s not your own ip.
(cfx> Resolved to

You don’t need to worry about it as your server should still show up on your own ip in the serverlist.


Well i tried doing that aswell, but couldn’t find the server. my friends couldn’t join aswell.


Do you have a firewall blocking the connection? Are you sure you’ve port forwarded correctly? Can you connect using localhost? or using direct connect with your public ip?


“Do you have a firewall blocking the connection?” No.
“Are you sure you’ve port forwarded correctly?” Yes.
“Can you connect using localhost?” No.
“or using direct connect with your public ip?” No.


What’s the start command you’re using and what exactly do you get output to the console whenever you try to start your server? Please include the full server log from a fresh startup.


Is this what you mean?
[ 10282] Authenticating server license key…
[ 10594] Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome!
[ 10672] Resolved to
[ 10688] Sending heartbeat to


Oh, here’s the start comment btw:

cd C:/

cd FX_Server/ServerData

C:\FX_Server\run.cmd +exec server.cfg


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