Some parameters not working with native



I’ve had a multitude of bugs using this native. I don’t know if I’m just really bad at PHP or if this is internal bugs. They are consistent bugs that happen all of the time, no matter the situation.


“METHOD” parameter not working

Simple explanation: No matter the method I use such as “POST” “HEAD” or “GET”, they all seems to be received as “GET” by the php server.


Legacy “DATA” not sending

I could just be bad at PHP with this one (only tested with “GET” because of above bug), but whenever I send data through the native (I know it’s legacy one=1&two=2) it seems to always not be recieved.

I use

$x = $_GET["one"]

but $x always seems to be null.

Here is the code I use for the native (basically stolen from scheduler.lua):

local current = {}

AddEventHandler('__cfx_internal:httpResponse', function(token, status, body, headers)
    if current[tostring(token)] then
        local cb = current[tostring(token)]
        current[tostring(token)] = nil
        cb({status, body, headers})

function httpRequest(args)
    local t = {
        url = args[1],
        method = args[2],
        data = args[3],
        headers = args[4]

    local d = json.encode(t)
    local token = PerformHttpRequestInternal(d, d:len())

    current[tostring(token)] = args[5]


I don’t know if this was a bug or me being retarded but now it’s working all fine and dandy.