Some files reset when starting server



since I’ve started using 5.0.1 (linux) I’ve had this issue where some of the server files reset when I restart my server.

Example; I’ve edited map.lua in fivem-map-hipster to change the spawn positions and when I restart my server the whole file is reset to how it was before.

I can edit normal scripts I’ve added myself, but the scripts that comes with the server repo reset when the server restarts…

I’m guessing there’s a new convar or something I’ve missed…?


I noticed that when I start my server, all scripts inside the resources/[system] folder gets updated? As if it validates all files on startup. I noticed the date from the “last changed” column were all changed to when the server started…?

How do I turn off file validation on startup?


There is no update system in the server whatsoever, nor is ‘5.0.1’ any FiveM server version - are you sure you aren’t a) using a game provider that might be resetting this state or b) using a resource that makes a bad attempt at verifying files?


a) I’m actually using zap-hosting which tells me 5.0.1 is the current version, maybe this query should only be directed to them, in that case?

b) My resources worked fine on 4.9.6, when upgrading to (what zap calls) 5.0.1 it started this behaviour. So the answer to this point would be no!

So since FiveM has no “server file validation on startup” option that I guessed, I think this is a issue caused by @zap-hosting system that they need to fix. I created a ticket yesterday with them and am still awaiting response! Will update this post when I do.

Spoke to them on discord and cleared up. It’s a function they had and added a few days ago. It was to prevent mixed server versions on the same machine, since this is not a problem on Linux though they were nice enough to disable it! It is only a thing for windows, if I understand it correctly!


we reuploaded serverfiles of installed version on each serverrestart to avoid mixed serverversions on the same host, what led to random dll errors in the past.

We removed that auto reupload feature now on Linux and Windows, because for Linux it is not necessary and for Windows it did not really help. Means: These mentioned serverfiles won’t be overwritten when restarting your server anymore. Have fun!

yes u understood correctly, but we also disabled that feature for windows :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Just sent a news to all customers to clarify that. Thank you for the hint.