Some beginning questions


Okay, so I just got the server running. I can join it, drive around with others, life is good.

When it comes to scripting/editing scripts, with the existing resources, I have no idea where to start…

So the first few questions I have are:

  1. What is the absolute bare minimum required to start a working/connectable server? Not talking about feature, im talking core movement, chat functionality.

  2. Where do I start making my own code? I made a ‘dev’ folder in the resources/[gamemodes] folder (complete with __resource.lua and client/server files), but have no idea what I am doing as of yet.

A little bit of understanding the flow of things would help me tremendously.


Something disabling loading screens and spawning players (like spawnmanager and the default fivem game mode’s calls to it), and the chat resource for an interceptable chat.

Also, sessionmanager for handling connectivity is considered helpful.


Yeah, after talking to some other people working on FiveM servers, and Discord, I have found its better to keep most of it.

I have however, scrapped the fivem-map-hipster/skater, in favor of my own.