[SOLVED] Looking For Dev To Fix Resources Folder



dont need dev, problem solved.


More information will be released when we get the help on the Teamspeak.
We also run off EST… It’s 5 AM right now and we likely wont be on tomorrow as it’s Thanksgiving


What do you mean by this? As if you are thinking of making people to pay to join your server or something like that then it is against FiveM’s TOS.


the Teamspeak is free.


TeamSpeak has always been free? So not sure what you’re saying here…


The Teamspeak server. Teamspeak is obviously free.


Found the problem, it is the chat roles the owner just has to have.


What was the issue??? How do you fix??? Just saying its the chat roles doesnt tell us much.


3 Months later. Really? It’s fixed genius.


IM not asking so i can fix your server, my server is having the same serverwide crash code. The whole point of saying you solved is also to say how for others who search the forums when they’re having the same issue.


You’ve messaged me before about this, IDK if you are looking for a different answer… but it was the chat modification that displayed the users role in the community.