[Solved] Is it possible to stream .xml map?


Hello, i have a question.
It is possible to stream .xml map files on server?
Like the ymaps?


You’ll have to convert the XML to a YMAP if you wish to stream the assets. You can convert your XMLs using this tool:

There are resources that automatically interpret XMLs on the forums as well if you don’t fancy doing conversions beforehand. :+1:


And you forgot to say @Zulfurix that, after he converted his XML file into a XML.YMAP
file (with your converter) he will need to load the XML.YMAP he get, on OPEN IV.

Then you have just to extract your YMAP from OpenIV on your desktop for example, and thats all. (You’ll have to make a resource ofc).


Two weeks away and I forgot the important bit :joy:, thanks for fixing that!


No problems mate ! (20chars)


– nevermind, got it.
Thanks for answer


No problems mate !
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