["SOLVED"] How to increase its server to 32 players?



I would like to know how to increase the limit of players to 32 players as written in the advantages of FiveM, I am blocked to 24 players!

Thank you very much for the future answers (if any)



you can’t make more players slots at the moment. Read the FiveM Releases when they come out, they recently said there will be 32 slots servers in Q4 of 2017 (around october) and at the end of the year maybe even 64 slots.


I thought it was already the case, thanks for the information :slight_smile:


There is actually a server who got 68 players ?
Any ideas ?


Cant. Only 24 people right now.


Check the server list.




Any number over 24 is a false positive. You can’t go over 24 without disabling the hardcap. Do this your server will show as “broken server” and no one can join.


I play in a server that handles 32 people. However it won’t show up on the fivem list. It is direct connect only.