[SOLVED] FX server not in server list


So my FiveM Fx server doesn’t seem to show up on the server list. The only way people can join is through direct connect. Ports are all forwarded and I’ve had it up for a day and still doesn’t show up. Any Ideas?


put this into your server.cfg

#sv_master1 “”

If you already have it just make it match this string of code, after that it should appear


I did already have it in there

Here’s my cfg


Then it must be a problem with your port forwarding, because it should show up if you port forwarded correctly and did the announcement config.
Do a favor for me, do you have windows 10? I think I can offer an easy experience of port forwarding.


I’m running the server on a Win7 machine, I don’t think it’s a port issue since direct connects work


You wouldn’t be able to connect to the server at all if it was a porting issue… @shinorei is able to direct connect, so no, not an issue with ports…

@shinorei, please make sure you’re using the latest server files.


@Indominus Didn’t even notice there was an update on the 30th, that was the problem all good now, thanks!


No fucking way the release indexing goes from oldest to latest… -.- 4 hours troubleshooting switches and routers. lol


I mean… if you just looked at the dates to the right, you’d see that…


Can’t argue with that. :slight_smile:


I have the latest master and still nothing in the server list i have been reading for days now and cant get this fixed my cfg is just as it is above and i can connect directly any ideas?



Please create your own topic instead because this one seems abandoned.