[SOLVED] ELS Addon Pack



Can someone make this NYPD Police Pack an addon for me also?

with spawn codes nypd1-17


Please and thank you

And I will be willing to give a reward to someone who is able to make it work with FIveM

Also get the ELS VCF’s to work with it


You cannot use the state police pack:


Oh, I will remove it


where did you read that ? I looked for that phrase in the post, or it is another pack cris requested here?


I removed the state police one


Also to make the VCF work you need this resource


I don’t want server sided ELS though


Could you possibly convert the NYPD pack to an addon pack?


They are els vehicles though. You’ll have to have some form of els.


So it will not work as client sided ELS?


It will just the syncing won’t be as great.


Everyone would need to install it client side too


I know that part, well at this point IDC if its server ELS, I just want it as an addon pack lol


if u do client sided els you can sync the sirens with using Lux_vehcontrol but you would have to ask the creator of the models to make them not ELS and converting them takes 10-20 minutes search how to theres a lot of tutorials


I don’t want it Non-ELS I just want it an addon pack with the ELS VCF’s to work with client side


yea then convert the models to addon use the search function theres like 30 tutorials on this forum on how to do it properly and then just use the lux_vehcontrol resource to sync your sirens with the players and stick the VCF files int he els folder client sided


So I do not need to chnage the names on the VCF’s?