Solved by me and some help from @FAXES


Do you have a picture?


Are you talking about how the chat box is not blue and you can see through it right?


Lmao, these DOJ posts are just getting better and better.

Because of course, DOJ has a FULLY CUSTOM chat resource. /sarcasm.


And to answer your question, just change the color of the chat box, message box, and suggestion box to white in the CSS files.



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@jellyton69 I just love your replies (not sarcasm I promise lol)




Hope that suits your needs, feller!


Isn’t this chat outdated?


Hmm. Not sure what you’re talking about then, cuz that screenshot is an exact replica. :thinking:


Nope, it still works!


In the chat resources css files make all the background-colour and colour from that blie and put transparent; in that spot this will make the chat transparent.

As for writing in the chat, that if from different resources etc.


So, the default white of when a person talks, cannot be changed to light blue?


default white?


when someone talks their name is in white, how do I change that to blue


their name is white in chat ex [NameHere]: Chat MSG Here

[NameHere] is in white, how do I change it to blue


For the text chat its all in the chat resource in the lua files. For the voice chat search the forums, its been covered before.


I just need to know how to change the color from default white to blue, the transparency works fine


Again search the forums its been covered before. The :mag_right: is your best friend.