[SOLVED] CopHolster


Hello There people of FiveM, how do I get CopHolster to work with my FiveM Server?



It is made by PieRGud


This isn’t the exact same thing but it is based off of it.


Okay, I saw this, it only works with the pistol though, correct?


You can modify it.

local weapons = {
        "ADD_WEAPON_HERE",  --Weapons get added in these places.


Okay, it works with any Ped/Custom Ped?


Yes, same procedure if you wish to add other peds.

local skins = {
            "AND_HERE", --Again, peds that you want to have the animation go here.



Any possibility you know the name of the prison guard ped?


Yep. s_m_m_prisguard_01


Also, how do I get it to work with the taser


Add the taser to the list


I tried it with the SAHP Ped I have installed didn’t work


I can confirm the taser works.

Just do

local weapons = {

Make sure you have the holster on your ped.


I thought it was WEAPON_TASER lol


Does anyone know the name of these two peds, The Armored Security Van Guy, and the G6 security Ped?


See this for full list of peds.


Harrison 4 Words For You,

Harrison Your A Lifesaver


Except for the fact that I can’t find it :joy: I must be that retarted/blind


If this is solved man be sure to set the post that helped you solve it man :slight_smile: would be great for those who are looking for it I know its common sense which post is the solution but for sure set the solution


Might be this one:


Here are the G6 Security - s_m_m_armoured_01 & s_m_m_armoured_02