[Solution] Forcing FiveM to use your discrete GPU | Infinite Loading Fix



I just realised that it was supposed to be

click the Graphics settings link.

and not

click the Advanced graphics settings link.

I just updated it. Are you in the correct section in settings?


If anybody wants to add a guide change the instructions for changing on AMD Radeon GPUs, go ahead as I’m not convinced that it is 100% accurate. This topic is a wiki so Regular (TL3+) should have permission to edit the wiki.


it didnt work for rme tho :frowning:


Hello, I have a problem with Fivem add me on discord Mircea#9596


I can`t fix the problem on lenovo y700 gtx 960m


Sadly didn’t work


Hello, I try to open FiveM and it seems to work fine but then when I try to connect to any server I get this error. I’ve uninstalled FiveM twice and reinstalled it and cannot find a answer to my problem. It seemed to work fine a few days ago.


This has nothing to do with this thread… make a support topic and fill out the support template.

please watch where you are posting.


I have an Nvidia GPU but in the desktop section of the nvidia control panel i dont have the “add run with …” box


Thank you for helping me, thanks for coming back to playing RP again.


Glad it helped you :wink:


Hey idk if this relates but my fivem Downloading content screen wont go away and it says handshake failed, please helphttps://gyazo.com/f10c673340dc66f2a9a94f70c460b295


No, it’s not related.


Do u know how to fix it?
I have been having so many issues and I just wanna play the game.


Looks like an ISP issue.


Do u know how I can resolve this issue?


Contact your ISP most likely, anyway, this isn’t relevant to the topic.


Sorry. Thanks though.

Infinity Loading screen stuck on color background - no menu

I’ve done everything and its still sitting at an eternal orange screen


It is still the same even after doing it.