[Solution] CURL errors (stuck on downloading content/curl errors)

A few months ago, Turkish ISPs started blocking certain FiveM services which are used to download the client and whatnot. This has been problematic for players who live in Turkey or any other country where ISPs block FiveM for whatever reason.

Here’s a couple of solutions that will resolve your issue:

Antivirus/URL Filtering Software

Some of these issues are caused by these kind of software blocking FiveM from connecting to the server/website, to fix this you’d have to either disable this kind of software or add FiveM as exception

The best way to find out how to do this is to find out what software you are using and lookup the online manual and see how to disable it


Sometimes your network, ISP or country could be blocking requests to specific hosts, to fix this you can try using a VPN like hide.me couple of examples of this are Turkey :tr: and NET in Brasil.

Disk space

Make sure the disk where FiveM is installed (default C:\) has enough disk space so it can download new patches and resources to cache.

The solutions above will resolve the issue for the majority of players experiencing them, however if the issue was not resolved, we recommend you create a topic in #technical-support filling the template in entirely and providing as much information as possible.


you can add link about “disable antivirus” from my topic

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Topic is a “wiki” so you should be able to edit it right?

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TL2+ users can edit wikis IIRC, so yes.

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very nice topic it will be so helpful :slight_smile:

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If All Does Not Work ( This Helped a Lot Of People Before ) Make a New Windows User.
[ The Error Is Not Always With ISPs It Can Be From Set Settings That You Or Other Programs Have Changed ]

[ Use That User ( the new one ) To Play ]

I have a problem because it loads and loads and I can not join the island
uninstall the cache folder does not give anything

Does this seriously look like the right place? (hint: it’s not)

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I have a problem with my fivem that when I join a server that I really like it says Couldnt load resource InteracrSound, but other servers work can I get some help pls