Solo / empty session


we got a problem on oure server were many persons get into solo/empty sessions
u can hear others if u ar same place ass them but not see them or thayr cars
it dos not stop by relogging or del. cache folder it goes on for the same person in ca an houre
and then it works for them again but it keeps on comming back

so were wondering if anyone here knew a way to fix it ?

im soo bad at english - sorry


Use the search…


the thing is whe have uset it but it kicks player even tho thay ar in puplic session some times


were adding it again just to give it another chance so thx for the help :stuck_out_tongue: wud still like to know other fixes ?


solo session er stedi et stort problem + auto kick kicker folk som ikke er i solo session og når de så prøver at joine er de i solo session bagefter


Yeah SoloKick is great, but knowing WHY solo session appear is better I think than just “kick solo player”


I can write something up quickly if you want…


What do you mean ? I’m not sure to understand


your idea I can write (script) a version up…


A script which tell why a player is placed in a solo/empty session while other 26 players are all together ?


omg i typed danish instead of english such a idiot

solo session is still a big problem + auto kick is kicking players even tho thay ar not in solo session some times

and yes Cr4zZybipbiip is right it is better to know the reason why then just making a tempoary selution


i dont get it either

what is the script ment to do ?

we want to know what is creating the solo session so it can be fixed ?