Social Club not going through/loading forever


GTA V version newest one
Up to date yes
Legit or Pirate copy legit
Steam/CD/Social Club Steam
Windows version 10.0.14393
Error screenshot
GTA V folder screenshot I cant find a way to add screenshot help would be appreciated
FiveReborn client folder screenshot
.dmp files
Also add what you already tried so far i have done everything that everybody has told me too any suggestions would help

I shows as running in task manger
and steam

but never gets past social club screen it says “loading”


Upload your images, and post the links?


Here you go


I’m having the same issue, has anyone found to fix this issue ive tried a lot of things and still nothing


Same issue


Also have the same problem. I can launch the game but it gets stuck on the loading screen. And according to a friend it isn’t even supposed to have this overlay.


Correct, its not supposed to have that overlay, i have the same problem, really noone seems to know how to fix this


Yea I got the same problem