Snowy Particles from vehicles


Hello! Does anyone know of a script/native that enables the snow particles from vehicle tyres and the snow track from tyres

Like this:


SetForceVehicleTrails(true) I believe


where do you add that?


SetForceVehicleTrails(true) sets the tracks you see above, not sure if it adds particles (haven’t tested it).
To enable ped footsteps you have to use a different native: SetForcePedFootstepsTracks(true)

You can simply use this code below in any client script to force xmas weather and enable both trails/tracks:

    while true do
        Citizen.Wait(0) -- Wait 0 seconds to prevent crashing.
        SetForceVehicleTrails(true) -- Enable vehicle tire trails/tracks
        SetForcePedFootstepsTracks(true) -- Enable ped/npc/animal footprints
        ClearOverrideWeather() -- Clear weather (in case a trainer or something like that forces it)
        ClearWeatherTypePersist() -- Clear weather (in case a trainer or something like that forces it)
        SetWeatherTypeNowPersist('XMAS') -- Set the weather to be 'XMAS'


Thanks! Yeah no, SetForceVehicleTrails(true) does not add those particles sadly but i can live with that.


not 100% but i think if you request the ptfx “core_snow” youl get the particles havent tried it but pretty sure itl work


I actually added this feature to my snowballs release, take a look through the code. I believe I commented the code so should be easy to identify where the right part is.


oh nice ill take a look