sounds like a terrible script design of that esx script…


any idea when i try your script i got this error?

attempt to call a nil value (global 'UseParticleFxAssetNextCall')

and when i delete that line i got that error:

attempt to call a nil value (global 'BeginTextCommandDisplayHelp')

i did remove everything what particle and helptext and works great


You shouldn’t delete any of that. You probably made a custom resource.lua and used a majorly outdated resource manifest version. Use the default files you get with the download.


Does this effect driving in the winter? Is there a resource out there atm that has snow that doesn’t effect driving


No this resource does not affect driving. It’s the snow (xmas) weather type that does. There’s no way around this.


I should see tomorrow. Maybe I did not get the correct manifest because I indeed implemented it In another script


Why would you implement it into another one :thinking: works just fine being standalone?