I got another idea about a possible way to disable the damage.

I will script it this evening and dm you @Vespura


How the can i change the key for picking up snowballs from e to g?


Change the key here:


Guessing 119? to like 47


Cant check right now but if 47 is G then yes that’d be correct :slight_smile:


Any news with this?
I might give it a try with the .meta file


You can try, but apparently it only works for some people. @Flatracer didn’t pm me his new solution yet so haven’t been able to test anything else.


Because it was no solution, unfortunately it did not work… :frowning_face:
I just forgot to comment here.


can someone help me install this

  1. Download the resource here.
  2. Extract the files somewhere and go inside the Snowballs-1.2 folder. Once you’re there, copy the snowballs folder and paste it in your /resources/ folder inside your server-data directory.
  3. (optional) go to /resources/snowballs/client.lua and change the following:
-- Configure this:
local enableWeatherControl = false
-- Set this to true if you want this resource to set the weather to xmas for you.
  1. Go to your server.cfg file and add start snowballs somewhere in the file.
  2. (re)start your server and you’re done.


thank you! does this work for like all resources?


The basics yes, the configuration is different for every resource though.


this is beautiful. thank you


Update v1.3

In this update I’ve added more checks to make sure you are no longer able to pickup snowballs when a player is:

  1. Inside an interior (I’m sorry snowball fans, but snow just doesn’t fall inside your underground bunker…)
  2. Inside a tunnel or underground.
  3. Shooting & Walking at the same time without aiming.
  4. Taking cover.
  5. In a scenario (No more coffee and doughnuts going to waste because you pickup a snowball by accident).


Update v1.4

New! Particle and sound effects!

Added snow particles and snow/ice sound effects for footsteps, vehicles and the snowball pickup animation! The snow particles caused by your vehicle tires now also add snow decals to the side of your vehicle.



v1.5 (Small update)

Added frozen water effect (water is not actually frozen, though it looks like there’s a thin layer of ice on top of the water).



The script works perfectly. I have only one question: when I set ‘snowlight’, ‘snow’ or ‘blizzard’ the visual effect of the snow is extremely strong and blinding. Is there a way to disable it?


Nope, that’s not caused by my script. It’s the default gta v weather system that causes that.


Downloading this for my server today! Thanks!


I love this script but I use esx_jb_outlawalert and of course it sends a notification alert that I’m shooting when I throw a snowball … pity I can not use it is really fun . :frowning: :disappointed_relieved: