I will take a look into this again, when I am home from work


I didn’t have these problems too.
The .meta file seems to be correct.


Try the .meta file I sent a few replies back instead of the one Flatracer sent.
I’ll be trying this later on my own server and see.


@hypr9xa Will test this one once I’m home.


Did you even edited it? I thought you just suggested to edit it ^^


Thank you for your work I hope you will succeed to reduce to 0 the damages of the snowballs :+1:t3:


So, I just played ~45 mins with a friend and restarted the resource several times, we didn’t experienced any problems.


wait so you got it working? :slight_smile:


no not yet, we’ve been trying. The exact same files worked for @Flatracer but not on my server. This is some sketchy stuff. We’ll need to look into it further, for now my latest release in the OP is the best I can get (less damage, but not 100% gone).


Update v1.2

Download link is available in OP!

Patch notes


Any news on completly removing damage from snowballs? :slight_smile:


Nope not yet, streaming a meta file didn’t work and the natives don’t seem to make it completely disabled so until someone finds another solution there won’t be a “fix” for the snowball damage, (other than the reduced damage that’s currently in the script)


It’s already good like that , we can stand much longer and the fact we taking damages force us to take a break between two battles instead of just trowing balls until we’re out of breath =P again thank you very much for the reduced damages :v:t3:


So I got a question. I removed the resource, cleared my cache and restarted the server… It seems its still somehow forcing vehicle tire trails as well as footprints and when you jump you see snow particles. Has anyone else had any issues with this? any help with this @Vespura


Haha thats awesome i was looking to do this myself =D


Btw. we have to remove snowballs again from our server, because looks like the damage change does not just effect snowballs, but all weapons.
All weapons are very weak with this addon enabled :frowning:
Think there is any way to fix this?


Strange… are you sure you’re not using a trainer or another resource because if my resource is disabled it’s impossible it could cause those trails…

This shouldn’t be possible, because it checks and lowers damage only if your holding a snowball. I’ve never had this issue before nor has anyone else reported this(?)…

Try updating to the latest version, maybe it’s fixed in there.


I am afraid, i am using version v1.2.
If you can try it out :slight_smile: Or if you want we can try it together on my server, just PM me. Server should still be pretty empty the next 1-2 hours i think.


Maybe its enough when 1 player holds a snowball, and anotherone shoots at him, or someone else?


I’ll take a look at the critical damage native again to make sure that isn’t causing anything bad, however the damage modifier is only applied whenever someone’s holding a snowball so it can’t possibly affect other weapons.