Sniper rifles can't be used from back seats of helicopters, tested Maverick, Polmav, Frogger, Savage

I have no idea what could change that. Tested in two different game modes. I think it worked a week ago.

Weapon_mg, weapon_combatmg and weapon_combatmg_mk2 works.

Works fine for me, maybe an issue with one of your resources?

Tested with only default resources.

This has never worked for me in the base game either. @Scott_UK has this really worked for you? If so, could you post a screenshot, and state what game version, platform (steam/retail), vehicle, and weapon you used?

Game version, steam/retail won’t matter. You can in stock GTA even from the PS3. You do it in a few missions. One being the IAA heist.

Doing it in a heist isn’t the same as being able to do it whenever. In those missions, it’s not a real sniper weapon, it’s all simulated. A scaleform for the sniper scope, the bullets are fired by a native, PTFX for muzzle flash, etc.

You are trying to prove that players were never able to snipe from polmav?

did anyone find a way to use sniper on helicopters?

This is fixed in the next release.