Small Established Community, needing advanced DEV



Server setup with VRP and custom content. Seeing if anyone can do better

Mature 18+



Bump, Visit our teamspeak today!


Super Dope :smiley: cant wait to check ya out


Sure have you seen our teamspeak yet?


Bump!!! Civilian sectors are filling


Great server, friendly admins and a lot of new open positions. Great for a new community. If anyone is interested in leading a department these guys know their shit :wink:


Is this still active I see it was only posted on day ago I would love to get into an RP group I joined the team speak but no one is in here. Hope to hear back.


Need a dev still? Ill help out!


Yes Join Teamspeak and talk with us !!


Im here in barracks room 2!


Would you like to 10-1?


Reposting topic with 20 CHAR


20 Character min posting damm