Simple Trainer Problems



I have installed simple trainer for FiveM and I am having this problem when ever I hit the left trigger on my controller that it spawn another car behind me I have tried turning of controller support and it still doesn’t help.
Please if you know how to fix this tell me!


You probably have some sort of key bindings turned on in that trainer, try disabling all the keyboard shortcuts.


Also do you put the trainer rv in the plugins folder or outside out it?


Trainer files go in your FiveM Application Data/plugins/ folder.


Yeah but both files or just one of them like installing Lambda


Both files go in your plugins folder, in case that doesn’t work, move the .ini file to your gta v folder but I don’t think that’s required for the simple trainer.


OK I went in game to the trainer and turned off keybindings I am restarting now


Did you save the config? Otherwise you’ll have to turn them off each time you restart your game.


yeah I forgot that time I will just go into the file and turn it off


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH I have been trying to figure this out for hours I wish I knew what key it was though.


I found the exact thing wrong I just changed it to a key I will never use and it fixed it thanks for the help it means a lot!


Ok I’m going to help you out with your problem ok


I already got it did you not read anything


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