Simple Trainer crashes/spaghetti-solar-florida


Before, when you used simple trainer, you could access the weapons attachments menu and customize easily. But now, whenever you press NumPad 5 to access said sub-menu, you freeze up and crash, and you get error spaghetti-solar-florida. Does anyone else have this problem? And does anybody know the solution, or problem?


Have you found a solution?


Unfortunately, I have not been on FiveM for a while, but so far I have not found a solution yet, sorry.


i use Simple Trainer along side Lambda Menu with no issues… this is not a fivem related issue i would probably ask the people who made Simple Trainer if there is a cause to this problem.


I use Simple Trainer with no issues on regular singleplayer, the attachments menu works fine, but last when I used it on FiveM it crashes the game when you open the attachments.


Cant say i ever had this happen… unless you got other mods that could be interfering with Simple Trainer.