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Hey everyone!

Do you fancy a fun, relaxed yet serious roleplay experience? Ever wanted to just… get straight to the point? If so, Kevin Blake’s Simple Roleplay might be just the right place for you. In SRP (Simple Roleplay) we have an active police force and yes, it is recruiting! There is only one police department at this time, that being LSPD, and then there is the LSFD which is responsible for EMS as a whole.

Simple Roleplay utilises both the Lambda Trainer(F1) and SimpleTrainer(F4). This does not mean that every asset from these menus are authorised for use. There are rules for these trainers and failure to follow them will be handled by an active staff team, in multiple timezones. If you have questions, you should always bring them forward.

Disclaimer: The server is currently in a development stage and does not represent a final version of itself. Suggestions can be made in the community forum to make any forms of changes.

Some custom law enforcement and EMS vehicles are being used, with more to come. Again, you may suggest to add these at any time. The server uses custom sounds which are only clientside but highly recommended, along with certain mods and custom scripts, such as weapon and character model reskins. Along with all this, all law enforcement units have access to an MDT system.

One of the main features of this community is that while retaining its seriousness, you can jump right in. You will be interviewed in our TeamSpeak server, and can choose to remain as a civilian, or join one of the available departments. If you choose to remain as a civilian, you can always ask to join one of the departments in the future. Joining a department is somewhat simple. Training will take place, and your capabilities will be tested according to the department you wish to join. To earn ranks, you will have to perform to standard, do your job correctly, have experience with your tasks and stand out with all three of these factors mentioned.

And of course, for people who favor criminal activity, there is a place for you as well. You can set up a gang and get a server tag and custom channel within the TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak 3
Lambda Trainer / Lambda Menu
Ability to speak and understand english
Maturity when needed

Mods that can be found in the TeamSpeak server
Working microphone
Roleplay experience
Gameplay experience (GTA V)

TeamSpeak IP:
Server name on FiveM: Simple Roleplay | Custom Police Cars | Serious Roleplay | TS3 :

Once you get on the TeamSpeak, contact one of the Commissioners to be interviewed.

Have fun playing!


How do you get into a roleplay server?plz tell me


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