Signal 3 Gaming | Looking for Staff | Looking for Department Heads!


Hello everyone!

Today we are officially opening a server called “Signal 3 Gaming”

We have been developing this server for a little over a week. Today we are opening it to the public with tons of scripts and cars. We hope you all would like to join our adventure and come stop by.

As Any new server we are looking for Department heads and staff.

Some things we offer.

  1. Custom Cars/Scripts

  2. Amazing departmental cars

  3. Community Service officer Cars and ped.

  4. Amazing Roleplay with owners.

---- Our Departments ----

  • State Police

  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office

  • Los Santos Police Department

  • Internal Affairs

— Some things you should know —

Yes we are just starting and don’t have the best members. If you give us a chance and come stop by for some roleplay you will enjoy it :wink:

Our Owner/Founder is : Carson D.
Our Co-Founder is : Alpha
Our Community Director : N/A
Our Community Manager : N/A
Our Head Admin(s) : Joker

The Rest of our staff positions are open.

Our Discord :
Our Teamspeak :
Ingame IP :

Thank you all! Hope to see you all stop by!


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