Hello, We are glad to welcome y’all to the new start of Signal 100 RP™!
We are based off the State Of Los Santos… The RP will be mostly State Wide… We are not too new, just taking a fresh start with new members. We would like for y’all to come visit us. We are hiring in all departments. We are a FX Server, and we do use Lambda and the Simple Trainer. We are all about giving warnings, and we are more glad to talk to y’all about it. Here, we love for y’all to state your opinion! We are still in development so join us today and give us some suggestions! Thank You!


Any Developers Out There Please Contact Me On Discord! D-01 | CodyTheDev™#9853


We Allow Duel Clanning!!!:sunglasses:
Signal 100 RP Website
FiveM Server
1) No Fail RP
2) No Priorities Every Five Minutes
3) Drive "Careful"
4) Do Not Call Out 10-1’s Every Five Minutes
5) Have Fun_


**All Pictures Were Taken By Me!!! **

All Of The Highway Patrol Screenshots Were Taken In The Old Signal 100 RP But Are Still Used!

Need Diesel?

Come Join Us Today!!!


🍔 [CLOJRP] City Life Of Justice Roleplay | Custom Vehicles & Peds | Custom CAD | Hiring For All Departments | Drag Racing | !NEED DEVELOPER!

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We are looking for Great CIvs!!!


We are now hiring in all departments except Communications/Dispatch! We use OpenCad! We also use the Altered Cop Menu, Lambda, and Simple Trainer Menu.


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We Need More Cops, Sheriff, And Dispatchers!!!


Looking For Active Civilians and Cops!!