Shut Down


We have shut down…


Our Fish and Game Department


Open patrol this weekend , come on by and visit!


Active recruiting going on today! come check us out


New CAD/MDT in place from the guys at CPDRS, LOVING IT!!!


Our New Warrant Services


Our New Traffic Services Unit, join and ask Sgt.Jeremy for more!



One of our Civs just opened a new business!


Recording for the next LiveRP episode starts tonight


Can i have the discord link pleasd?


Our discord is private as of now sorry, we may make a public one in the future, that sounds like a good idea


Hiring event today! Drop in and put in an application, we are standing by ready to look it over.


New CAD system running for Officers and Dispatch! Thanks to the guys at CPDRS


Our discord is now public!


Whitelisting off until midnight! drop on by


Open Patrol went great! thanks to all who came out


White Listing is off for now


New non whitelisted jobs system server is up SACRP Roleplay SERVER | JOBS SYSTEM


New to all members and guests feel free to record and share game play!