Setting up EssentialMode Base


I can’t get the database to work, obviously i’m doing something wrong but i cant find out what it is exactly. I’ve added an Unique ID to allow database editing but it still doesn’t seem to be updating? Furthermore steam “identifiers” are given as: “steam:11001110e3asdad” (changed some values) but how do I convert this into an actual steam ID or am I being dumb?

Haven’t been able to access my server yet because still downloading GTA V again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you have more information? A screenshot of your server while starting the essentialmode resource would be a good start. From what you’re telling us now I couldn’t possibly figure out what’s wrong.


Sorry for the lack of detail :wink:

Here’s the server startup:

and here is the current db:


Seems to me everything is working fine. What’s not working for you?


Well for starters I cannot use any of the console commands, for setting as admin for example and I don’t know who is who on the database as they arent correct steam ids?


For the admin commands you need to load the admin plugin that came with the mod.

Can’t tell you more about the contents of the database, looks the same as in my database. Would be nice to have a “username” column as well though, but I’m not that good with mySQL to actually put that one in and get the data from the server.


“For the admin commands you need to load the admin plugin that came with the mod.” I believe i’ve done that? how exactly do you mean?

And how do you tell who is who in your database? I don’t want to give some random person admin :smiley:


I don’t know if it’s the right way, but I placed the es_admin folder in my resources folder and added that resource to my citmp-server file. Works like a charm, so I’m happy :wink:


Ah looks like i missed that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now I feel stupid xD

Thanks for the help man, I’m going to try and sort out the Unique Identifier problem (so we can see who is who on the database) if I find a way to do it I’ll let you know. Have a nice night.


If you want to convert steam64 id’s to profiles check out


Forbidden link? – Also i think the “identifiers” given aren’t in any steam id format?

#12 its a legit site.

steam:11001110e3asdad is a steam id. so if its being stored like that in your database you could convert it to a profile link


Okay thanks! The previous link didn’t work but that one did. Much appreciated :wink:


Are you sure this is the case, I’ve copied and pasted an ID… doesn’t work :confused:


I’m unable to get the admin commands to work. I don’t even know what they are to be honest. With the updated version of essential, I’m able to log in and register. I go into the sql and add 4 to the admin window for my Id. But nothing works for admin. Typing /admin does nothing at all like it did in the prior version. I have everything installed correctly i’m sure. Can anyone oint me in the right direction here please?
thanks. \


im unable to get essenitalmode to talk to mysql and make charts again like it used to. it used to make stuff like this now it just does this any advice?