Setting up a couple of mods to a server



I don’t really know where to begin… Let’s start with that I am a complete noob at this. I just learned about it, and I wanted to set up a server for me and a friend so we could play the zombie apocalypse mod together. I’ve looked a tad around in this section, but couldn’t find anything in particular that would solve my case.

What do I do?
Where do I put the mod files, etc?

also, is it possible to get redux on one of these servers, or would that be too complicated?

If anyone has done it, and know how to, it’s the zombie apocalypse mod as mentioned I want, along with the fuel mod.

Any help greatly apperciated!

P.S, when I’ve connected to the server, I’ve used localhost:30120. This is just locally, for me? Right? How do I make the server available for my friend to join as well?




This didn’t really help all too much :confused: You are doing things differently from another video that I saw…



First of all, you have to download the Server Files and set them up.

Just download the cfx-server.7z from here and unpack it anywhere on your HDD. Then open the just unpacked folder an configure your Server with the citmp-server.yml.

Open this to see whats inside of the `citmp-server.yml`
ListenPort: 30120 -- Which Port is used for your server. You should forward this port (30120 UDP & 30120 TCP) in your Router

PreParseResources: -- Name says it. Just don't change it!
    - mapmanager

AutoStartResources: -- Name says it. Here you can add Resources (Mods) to your Server. For example RottenV
    - chat
    - spawnmanager
    - fivem-skater-map
    - baseevents
    - rconlog
    - hardcap --prevents the game from breaking
    - scoreboard

# do change
RconPassword: lovely

# configure this, please
Hostname: Default Fivereborn Server --Change this to the Name of your needs, it is your Servername

ScriptDebug: true

DebugLog: true

# set to false to hide from the online server list --Name says it. If you disable this your server will not be an the Serverlist and it is just possible to join if someone got the public IP of your Server (Your Network)
Announce: true

# set to false to require players to be signed in to Steam -- Selfexplaining
DisableAuth: true

# set to true to disable local script hook plugins -- If you enable this locally mods will be disabled.
DisableScriptHook: false

# uncomment and set to the path of an icon to use in the server browser. it should be square.
#ServerIcon: default.png -- With this you can change your Server Icon, just take a png and copy it into your Serverfolder. Then change this to the name of the pic and remove the "'#" before "ServerIcon".

# don't try enabling this
#UseGameServerV2: true

“Mods”/ Resources goes to Serverfolder\resources\

[details=Example with RottenV]
For example, I took RottenV (Zombie Mod). YOu can download it here.

After downloading it you have the folder Zombies. You have to unpack it to resources in you Server folder. Afterward you have to add it to your citmp-server.yml. Open it and add the folder name of the resource to AutoStartResources. Just follow the format as the other resources got added.

[/details][quote=“Haarek, post:1, topic:17759”]
also, is it possible to get redux on one of these servers, or would that be too complicated?

Unfortunately it is not possible to fully add it as resource. But there are some mods which make the game look better, check it out here.

If you still want to know something first check the Tutorial Section if it is already mentioned there or use the Forum - Search

If you configured your Server right he should be able to join your server through the Serach Function in the Client App.

I hope I could help you. If you still have some questions just ask.


As Haarek I am new to adding mods and things to my server. I have been trying to get an RP file to work with the server but have had no luck at all. When I add something to the resources folder nothing at all happens to my server, I just load in with a blank map and a few basic commands. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Take a look at my post before


Thanks for the detailed reply mate! ^^

So I would just smack the mods I want into the resource folder, and I should be good to go? (What about mods that require multiple files in different locations to work on GTA SP?)

Also, another issue I have is that when I try to make the “__resource.lua” file, it won’t change to a .lua file. It rather stays as a text document. Might this be the issue?



I was a bit missleading.

You can’t just take Mods from GTA-Mods!

You have to script lua mods by yourself or you use already existing mods from Here.

I hope i could help you :slight_smile:


Oh… well that sucks :frowning: Guess I’ll just have to wait till someone makes a zombie mod for fivem then… :stuck_out_tongue:


A zombie mod already exists. RottenV