SetNotificationMessage no longer working?


After the latest update, I found that my notifications were badly messed up. I’m just wondering how I can fix this. They display, however only with the main text and the icon is default/error.

I saw that the names of the natives recently swapped, so I tried using SetNotificationMessage_2 but that gives the sames results.

This function has been working for quite some time, however not anymore.

DisplayAdvancedNotification("CHAR_LESTER", "Generic Title", "Some Subtitle", "Main Text")

function DisplayAdvancedNotification(icon, title, subtitle, text)
	SetNotificationMessage_2(icon, icon, false, 4, title, subtitle)
	DrawNotification(false, false)

Any help would be appreciated.


Which of the two natives are you expecting this to be? It seems some person decided to swap them around on NativeDB indeed, which is something the current aliasing system does not expect. :confused:


This issue should be resolved in the latest update.


Working great, thanks for the quick fix!