Serverside AWCs


I know there has been prior discussion regarding this subject, I’m just wondering if it is actively being worked on by the FiveM team. The ability to add custom sounds, whether it be weapons or sirens, would (in my opinion) be the icing on the cake. I understand that it would be a strain to stream these resources, which is why I’d hope they would simply be an initial download from the server to the client upon connecting. I believe I have read something regarding the testing of this, however it was back in June-July of last year.

Personally, I believe that the only way to accomplish this as of now, would be to use a script such as InteractSound, however I do not program nor am familiar with any scripting language.

I really think that adding the ability to load custom AWCs would really improve the overall FiveM experience; as many of us do not wish to compromise our own GTA installs by using OpenIV to add client-side sirens.



I am pretty sure they already said this is coming with OneSync, dev’ would have to confirm though.


Any update on this?

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Its possible already


Can you specify what exactly is possible?
Because from my perspective this is the only thing regarding custom server-side sounds which can be helpful on this forum:

This is manually created (using “private not user-friendly tools”), probably made by one of the citizen collective members and somehow he doesn’t seem to want to tell how he created these .rel files himself.
If you follow the instructions and create .awc with same name like he did, your sound will work.
But when you try to replace one of the vanilla .awc’s, all vehicles on the traffic (not from dlc) won’t have sound except the ones you replaced.
My concept is that u may create your custom sounds using rockstar dlc’s but u also need tool like codewalker or something more advanced to decrypt/decode .rel stuff because here are all informations which add-on sound files are included in rockstar’s dlc’s. If you edit them properly it should work 100%. The path in fivem client could be for example:\citizen\platform\audio\sfx\dlc_lux2 Note: That’s just idea. I’m not sure if it’s supported client side still (gonna try it later). Tried server-side way in many combinations before but still .awc’s from dlc’s didn’t work. The most common solution how to manually make it by yourself is hexadecimal knowledge.


you are raising an old topic that has already been resolved, you can add custom sounds on the server.