Servers No Longer Appear In List


Sadly the standard support template doesn’t really apply for this issue, since it’s specifically for the server side of things.

Right now we have 5 servers for our community that are hosted on a bare metal dedicated server that we run and manage ourselves (ergo, not through any sort of GSP). All of these servers are Linux based, running server artifact version 446 (latest), and each one has its own valid license key in its configuration file.

Up until yesterday afternoon all of our servers showed in the server list absolutely fine. Today, they are nowhere to be found, and all of our community members are forced to direct connect instead.

While I understand the intention of this move was to stop illegal GSP’s from appearing in the server list, but it also appears to be causing issues with legitimate dedicated server self-hosting such as ours.


have you tried restarting the servers and waiting ~5 minutes?


what? nice random correlation that makes no sense.

‘the sky being blue seems to be causing issues with people getting sunburns’


No need to be hostile, just judging based off of what was observed.

However, yes, we did try restarting. We did find the issue by trial and error. At some point, it was noted that the variable for the license key needed to have “set” before it. Having this in our config files worked fine with authenticating, but it appears as though it caused problems with it registering on the heartbeats. We have since removed “set” from the variable and it now properly shows in the server list.

This thread can be closed.


it doesn’t matter, probably it happened to fix itself because you restarted your server and it picked up the new heartbeat IP

presence of a valid key is not related to displaying in the server list at all, if there’s no valid key the server won’t start, and if the server doesn’t have a license key check (old version, open source build, …), the server will still be listed except with an ‘invalid key’ prefix, and not be joinable through clicking.


I am from the same community as OP. In regards to your reply - how often would the heartbeat IP’s change?

I ask because we always do a cache cleanup & server restart every night in the early AM hours of the morning when no one is currently connected to our servers. We do the restart literally everyday.


You shouldn’t clear your cache all the time :roll_eyes: anyway I don’t think the IP changes very often, so it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.


This is a little off-topic, but what’s the harm in clearing the cache every night. It’s just rebuilt upon start-up again.


FXServer already manages the cache pretty good. Especially if you’re not adding any new resources or updating them. It’s pointless. Unless you’re having issues with certain resources not loading properly or if you have a bad/corrupted cache should you manually clear it. If those are not the case then FXServer manages the cache just fine.


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