Servers and Donations


I have found a few servers such as Signal 13 Gaming that have a REQUIRED monthly donation to be able to join. I am pretty sure that you can’t buy hosting and that you can’t be making profit ex. donations. This is just a thing I would like to bring up to the FiveM team.



People donating to assist server cost’s is not against the rules, however forcing people to donate to play is not allowed.



I don’t except donations from our community for the 7 servers we have.

I just feel it will be misinterpreted of how the donations are collected and used.
Letting people collect for server cost? How do you determine what that cost is? Easily manipulate where those funds go and how they are used.
So I have a community of over 950 members, if I except donations for server costs, which maybe less then $50 but I collect $800 per month how do you determine when and where those funds go?

I think either you collect money or you don’t. Clear cut rule cause as it stands people are making lots of money off FiveM.



Care to report which people those are so they can be blacklisted?

Any reasonable amount - nobody is going to be able to justify, like, $75/month for just a FiveM server in a common region.



… so basically you’re making exceptions for donations?

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What don’t you understand when I say I don’t except donations or any other payment. I clearly explained that, what don’t you understand?

I simply used my community as an example of it being impossible for anyone to know what amount of donations some of these people are getting…

Regardless of what server costs are, you have no way to determine the amount the get verse what they report.

So I just said based on my opinion only, no donations should be allowed and considered profit.

Again so you can understand NO I DONT EXCEPT ANYTHING… is that clear for you now.

Also I will not report any community because again, no way to know exactly how much they are collecting off the back of FIVEM



accept*… not except. Thats what he’s getting at.



Ahh lol got ya stupid me



I think server donations are fine, the servers do have monthly upkeep costs. I’ve seen communities be transparent with costs and donations. I’ve seen communities stop accepting donations once the goal is hit. You state there’s never any sure proof money goes to what’s needed. I’ve seen communities pockets lots of the donations, ultimately these servers crash and but for various reasons. I don’t think donations are bad, at the end of the day these servers are being ran by people who are putting in lots of work on top of their day jobs usually with no payment.



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