why cant my friends and other people see my server on server list i am running port 30155 i see it but they dont please help


Is it on your local pc… can they connect with ip address. Is your ports forwarded on the pc your server is hosted from…


local pc: yes ip: cant connect from ip port: it is forwarded


Your giving them your public ip address right?


Hello @xander1998 I am one of his friends he used to before have a server that anyone is able to see the server on the server list and if they direct connected they could join the server. He did port forward correct but we now do not seem to be able to join the server on the list because it is not on there and if we try to join with the ip we get a handshake error. Please help him, thank you. PS He can not see it anymore or connect by himself


Hm that’s weird check the five discord under the support Chay to see if they can help you.