Server Wont Show Up On Fivem



hey my server does not show up on fivem but only i can connect to it on direct connect anyone know why and how to fix it???


If you just started the server it can take ~15-20 minutes to show up on the server list.


i port forward and cant connect with public ip it my internal ip with port 30120


Go to and type in your port. If it says it can’t see you, then the port forwarding isn’t actually working and is perhaps blocked by a firewall or antivirus.


it cant find it… at least 20 characters


Then double check that your antivirus isn’t blocking the connection, and that you have properly forwarded the specified port for your server and try again.


the port is 30120 right?


my anti virus does not have it blocked btw


The port’s whatever you set it to in your server.cfg. If you didn’t change it, it should be 30120


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