Server won't show up in server browser



I have a Home-Hosted Five M server (Server OS: Windows 10) that workes fine to connect with for my localhost and for other people with the public ip (Port-forwarding is correct) but for some reason it dosen’t show up in the browser (or in-game).

I have tried and friends from different countries have tried do Direct Connect to it either by typing “connect IP” in console or using the Direct Connect search menu. It workes perfectly but won’t show up in the list. Any thoughts?


Have you also port forwarded port 30110 outgoing? This port is polled by FiveM to get a server heartbeat for the server list.


Yeah, both 30120 and 30110 are both portforwarded and open on the hosting pc firewall.


You need to port forwarded it with 30120, but you have to go to your Internet C-Panel.