Server wide lag



Hello kind people!

I run a private FiveM server for a group of about 4 ~ 5 friends. We run it through Hamachi to avoid the hassle of port-forwarding. However, after about an hour or so of playing everyone starts to get laggy. I’m talking 10fps Microsoft Power Point style lag.

I’m no expert when it comes to IT. I’m wondering since Hamachi probably isn’t the fastest way to send information between computers could this slowly cause a build up of lag or is it more likely to be caused by some other source such as scripts or custom cars and other models?

Any insight is greatly appreciated,



It takes about 5 minutes to do.

Logs? any info whatsoever? Maybe add a resource management script where it can keep an eye on all your resources to see if shit is hanging?

I mean, why not just set up port forwarding? It’s pretty easy and i’m sure there are many tutorials everywhere? :smiley:

Also, is this run of your computer, if so, what are your specs, internet speeds shit like that? You haven’t given any information for us to look at so we are having to assume. What have you tried already?


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