Server Unable to load config


Can anyone tell me why i am getting this as soon as i try to join into my test server. The server is up and running, and no errors in the console


That looks to me like a resource specific message.

Looking by the amount of resources you have, you are probably going to have a hard time but go through every resource trying to looking for a deferred message that is something like that (use search terms like “Obtaining configuration” in a Find All in your code editor)

Edit: Ignore this post. Turns out it is a FiveM message and not resource specific


looks like you have 217 resources, that’s probably the worst I’ve seen so far, try removing a few because if you can’t join, there is a very good chance that one of the 217 resources is causing it.


That error message is a fivem error message iirc though.

edit: yes it is:


Other people can connect into the server with no issues. I am just the only one that can not connect


I have redownloaded fivem, i have redownloaded gtav, and have taken almost all of the files out of our server ,but the ones that came with our server when it was given to us, and now i hang on the downloading files, and after 5 minutes get error downloading server config…I currently have 2 other people on the server right this moment, and they were able to connect with no issues


Are you able to join other servers or is it just your own server? Also, is your server hosted on a VPS? Maybe the hosting has blocked your IP because you can’t connect to the server and get server connection info.