Server to multiplayer



I have created a server and I can connect to it. But when I send th IP to my friends they cant connect? What IP is im gonna use? How do I make so they dont need IP, just name? Thanks for answers! :smiley:


You can set the server name through the server.cfg, like so sv_hostname "namehere".


So if I do so you gonna see the server in the server-list? But how does he connect?


Yes, if you’ve opened the ports correctly then it should pop up on the server list and he will be able to double click on it and connect.


So you must log in to the router and open the ports?


Yes. (20 charrrrrrrrrr)


So to get alla clear.

You do sv_hostname “namehere”. this with the server name and

if you have logged in on the router and opend the ports “port-forwarding” he can see it to and connect?