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I do understand we have this format that we need to follow in order to get technical support, I don’t know exactly what to put in for server-side support so I can’t use that format, I will try to explain my problem to the best of my extent.

On my server that I am currently developing for a community I cant exactly figure out how to stream this certain vehicle. Every other vehicle I can find will work except for the Mega Aircraft Carrier and the Navy: World Pack. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I almost forgot to include what I have currently:


i dont think u need the dlctext file for one and any error ? or just doesn’t steam


I’m not too sure if I need it or not, I used the Audi R8 server-side post to stream all my vehicles, only edited names and vehicle names and meta files


Most of my vehicles work as shown here


your vehicles files seems to be too big. maximal size for streaming files is 16MB.


Is there an override to increase this limit?


I think there is not. i already asked to stream big files (addons map) and nobody has found a way to help me.


No, I made a post in feature requests to raise the previous limit of 20Mb to something higher or allow servers to obtain control but it hasn’t made any progress yet.


downgrate the ytd all the textures in there and lower the size of it and it should work


How could I do that?


OpenIV export the textures all of them and downgrade the size of it by resizing it or taking out the unnecessary textures but then it might not look as good


I have decided to downgrade myself to this carrier The YFT files are under 16mb but the ytd is 43.48mb


try it might work its usually textures that i would encounter zlib errors not so sure bout models but i streamed some 30 mbs ones it worked but give it a shot


The textures of the vehicle are a bit messed up but I can live with it since it works!


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