Server side files


Is there a new way to use serverside vehicles.meta and carvariations? Because I placed the vehicles.meta with the edited resources.lua and it’s not working? Did they change this?


Hello Rob2,

Unfortunately not, those files are still client side.


I saw people in this forum telling how to do it, did they remove this feature?


I have never seen a stable way to be able to stream the config files therefore I always keep them client side. Are you aware of where to find them clientside?



Yes I know, I was checking you were happy on where to find them clientside.


I prefer server side files, they apply to everyone , for example visualsettings.dat. It seems with every update they’re ruining the game more and more


… but server-side overrides never worked, only addons?

No? You can still put local files in citizen/common/, and server-side loading OF ADDON DATA still works as always.