Server selling ad bases , and scripts


they clearly violate the terms of the fivem, I hope they do something


It is not necessarily a violation of the Terms of Service.

See bullet point 8. and Addendum D: In layman's terms first bullet point

If you have solid proof that profit is being gained, email


he is getting scripts from the forum and selling this is correct?


How would I know that?! You posted a screenshot of a server that shown nothing about something being sold or revenue being gathered.

Again, if you have solid proof of PROFIT (revenue - expenses > 0) being made, email


No, this is all you. I don’t want to get involved other than pushing you in the right direction.

Proving someone makes profit is pretty much impossible, so you must have insider information


Yes it says, i am portuguese and i can read that, but as @d0p3t said, you cant prove that they are making profit only by the tittle…
It says: " We create GTA-RP Server , enter in contact -> NUMBER"


what can we do ? ‘=’


One last time, email with an explanation and proof of profit making


Thank you very much Guys