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i did a clear install no mods or some and had the hosting company to open the port 30120.
but nothing no one can connect to my server…
and as you can see here the server is online.


Check if the port is forwarded and check if the firewall has a exempt for port 30120.


your picture shows offline…


It also showed offline shortly after this post was made. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, but…


i had to stop the server


it is forwarded and port 30120 is open


should show that its online now, i don’t know whats the problem…


Since you’re going through a hosting company, ask them to double check that the port is open? I’m not sure how the check is done to generate the image, but assuming it actually pings the server it would appear it’s reachable.


hmmm i’ll talk to them right now and post what they say


woow no support…
and they have the port open and forwarded it to my vps.


it works now close this thread


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This forum has also a handy dandy PM system btw…


What did you do to fix it? May be helpful to other people…


i re installed the server operating system then it worked with a fresh install


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