Server not loading! Fivem max resources?



I’ve looked about and can’t find an answer to this, is there a Max amount of resources the fivem server can run??

If so, is there a way around this?

My server isn’t loading up but when I remove a resource it does?

Any help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


first off how many resoruces do u have?


I believe it’s 53. I know you can combine the car mod, I’m more worried about the scrips as I still have a few to add.


David, alot of servers have way more… the server just totally crashes when u start it or what happens?


Like give me a log so i can see


Hmmmmm that’s good to hear hahahaha. No it just doesn’t boot in. When we join the server we just get stuck on the loading screen, but after I removed a resource it worked fine. Never had the issue before so it could just be a mod causing this


As i said give me a log if u know how


The log is fine. No errors it even come up with player is joining


Hmm never had the problem no resoruces are crashing into eatcoher?


I would but I’m at work


Nope. I always check the logs before joining my self. Like I said only had this issue this morning. Probably no answer


Is there a cap tho on how many resources you can run, just for future reference


Maybe it is but i would not think so, try to get every car in to one resoruce and try.


That was my plan, only have 6 car mods in at the moment so I hope it’s not at max, got loads I want to add still.


Thanks for your help tho


Always worth a try! We do our best here you know :wink:


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