Server Merge



I am looking for a server with a low amount of member that has an active server being rented that would like to merge with me and my members.


What does a “merge” entail according to you? Do you want some part ownership or admin rights?

Look for existing communities in the #server-development:server-bazaar and on the server list and just tell your members to join that community


yes myself and a few of my staff members would want co-owner or head admin roles


message me or join our discord


What is your alls level of experience? It would be somewhat hard to find a group to just give someone they dont know control of the server. But, we could talk and see what you guys have to offer. Join our discord


I could be interested depending on a few things.

Message me on discord Tanoshi#3910


I waiting to talk to you @scriptmafia


I’ve been working on a server for the last 2 months. The server is called X-Files and focuses on normal roleplay but has some paranormal elements. For example we plan to have a military base with highly specialized test aircraft. We also plan to allow certified members to role-play as paranormal NPCs such as Bigfoot or aliens to create interesting scenarios with the FBI, government officials, etc.

I think this will be a fun change from other servers coupled with realistic roleplay and a plethora of vehicles and custom scripting.

The server is active and has currently five or less players. A co-worker of mine and I are doing all of the development but we would welcome anyone else who wants to help. Currently we have custom jobs, custom cars, a custom radio script with custom radio stations which are available for community members to customize, and more.

We have just recently registered are domain name as well as our Discord.

Please feel free to write me here or you can visit the Discord:

I look forward to hearing from you!


join our discord mate


Hey id certainly be interested in having a discussion with you here is our discord

here is more info on my community City Of Toronto Roleplay - Canadian Based RP - Custom CAD - Toronto Police Service - Ontario Provincial Police - Toronto Fire & EMS - Citizens Of Toronto Recruiting!


We can talk in discord if you want

Discord Link:


I would be interested in having a discussion with you about this, contact me on discord. William#9086


we will but got to keep the same discord




This is a perfect example of someone that doesn’t read the actual post and what this is about before posting his discord link. Read the post before you put your discord link. why don’t you provide some info like your forum post if you have one. so the person can see if its worth contacting you.