Server list / Server info [iOS App]


:iphone: iOS Serverlist App :mascot:

Ever wanted to know if your server is still running? Or want to checkout how many players are online? Or, checkout exactly who’s online and what their name, server id, ping (and more) is, but you’re not near a computer to check it out?
In that case this iOS App is made for you!

App Store :iphone:

This app (available on the App Store here) allows you to view all the currently online FiveM servers, filter by hostname, add servers to your favorites list so you can easily find them on the favorites page.

Features :clipboard:

If you click on a server from the list, you’ll be presented with all the info about your server, including the following things:

  • Hostname
  • Server address
  • Server icon (if available)
  • Scripthook enabled/disabled
  • Players online count and the max player count
  • Server version
  • Player list (including info like username, server id, ping, endpoint (if enabled) and player identifiers)
  • Resources list

Demo / screenshots :framed_picture:

Open me!

Note :information_source:

Just note that this app isn’t perfect and, besides checking in on your server to check status etc, it’s probably not very practical. After all, you’re not playing FiveM on your phone, you’re playing it on a computer… As a beginner to iOS development, this is just my first App that’s actually something that could be released to the App Store.

Feedback :mega:

Check it out if you think it’ll be useful and I’m open to any feedback.
EDIT: I won’t remove ANY functionality from this app, so don’t give feedback requesting me to “remove ip’s” or “remove resources” or “remove whatever”…


here’s my feedback get rid of the player IP in the app because it basically the easiest way to get someones IP. Thanks


It’s already available online though, and if people actually setup their server using endpoint privacy you don’t have this issue, but I’ll consider it. so i’m not changing this.


please don’t, let it be a lesson for servers that don’t enable endpoint protection

see above


how would someone set that up?


view the wiki/docs, endpoint protection is already documented.


True true


sadly the wiki will become obsolete at some point in the future


hey what would i change or could you link me the page that i can use to change this @Bluethefurry and @Vespura




It’s been linked before, please stay on topic now though. Let’s not derail this topic any further.


This is absolutely perfect!


Amazing. :slight_smile:


Another great release by you, Vespura. Thank you!


Umm Android? :slight_smile:


I’m with @sobo. Who uses iphones anymore… pfff :smile:


-more users have android
-android is just better in general


and this kind of shit is exactly why we’re going to get rid of the wiki


Android avaliability?


This is not a lesson for a server, this is a hit for a clueless player.