Server Licensekey



Hi there.
I’ve tried to start up my FiveM server. Everything is installed correctly - I’ve followed the guide.
But… The licensekey is not working apparently.
Yes I’ve added it at the bottom of my server.cfg.

# license key for server (
set sv_licenseKey "MY-KEY-HERE"

And I’ve also tried without the " "
And without set - like this;

# license key for server (
sv_licenseKey MY-KEY-HERE

Can anyone help me here?



What’s the error message you’re receiving? Because it looks like you’ve configure it correctly (the first one, including the " "). Are you sure your key is correct?


The message I get is:

This server does not have a license key specified. Please set the sv_licenseKey console variable to a key from (for example, ´set sv_licenseKey "key"´ in the config, or ´+set sv_licenseKey key´on the command line)

I copy/paste the key from so I don’t see where the failure is?


Same issue here. Getting the same error message.


What does your start file say? The execute server.cfg command, can u show me that? I got the same error, and I’ve fixed it now :slight_smile:


How did you fix it? My friend is having the same issue with his server.


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