Server keeps closing


I have the most recent update for the fxserver. For some reason after about 5 mins my server shuts off and i have to restart it. This happened out of the blue today and several of the people on my server brought it to my attention. I host my own server so its not a dedicated host. Im confused on what it could be any help would be aprreciated!


Maybe your port forwarding is messed up. In this is off your WiFi?


Yep, latest update does this. Elements are working on a fix, if they haven’t already.

Edit: @neodymium your exactly right, I was unaware there was an artifact that was built after 573. My mistake.

@x12eape12x If you can provide the crash dump that is created with after this particular issue, it would assist in fixing the issue.


Are we? Nobody provided a crash dump yet, so we can’t really fix it can we now?


Wheres that at in the server files? I dont remember seeing that


Checked that the server shows up just fine but after the five minutes it comes up with tge 15 second timeout error and the server is no longer up.


Also im not running the most recent version of gta since i run ragehook as well and like what I’ve got. It got bad with people crashing out a few days ago which is why the multiple updates came out im assuming. Suoer odd since now it doesnt crash fivem kist the server goes away


Same thing happening for my server, my members are starting to get worried. Just had a check on fivem forums and here is the same problem, I host my server on a spare pc and as always I check to see if there is an update every morning, so this morning I did the same… updated the server to the latest release now it just keeps automatically closing. Waiting for next update :wink: !


Revert back 6 or 7 updates in the artifact mine worked great after that


Is everything working fine now? Just before I update my FiveM Server


I still have an older artifact


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