Server issue need help urgent



Our server does this to everyone every so often.

ive trobbleshooted all of the servers scripts and plugins

I dont know what it could be


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we have the same problem since today.

nothing was changed since 5 days… serverrestart doesnt help, new files on the client doesnt help and if you take a look on the forums, there are other users reporting this…
i dont think that the problem are our servers, as alot of servers are having this since today.
some of my players cannot even join anymore because it disconnects them…

may i ask which serverhoster youre using? im on 1&1 (germany), maybe its something with them…


Im with zap hosting the worst server host out there


yep they are really not great…
getting more forum entries about this issue… but no dev response yet sadly
i hope they can fix it soon… i think that this issue maybe did come with the latest clientupdate


Well instead of blaming Zap-Hosting & FiveM. Stop drag & dropping tons of scripts. Your server is broken. Only way to fix this: Start from a vanilla server and start making your own scripts. Or put every resource in step by step and try to find which resources are causing this.


@Yadiiiig is right, you guys need to actually take the time to test each script, id recommend using the terminal and doing "stop to the resources you suspect your having trouble with, if non that keep trying until you can connect


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