Server Hoster Suggestion



Hello there I’m currently with ■■■■■■■ hosting but was with zap hosting and ATM ■■■■■■■ are useless!
Whats my best chances of starting up a server?
With who?
With What?
A Vps?

Many thanks


What hosting service did you say you are with? Its blocked out.


A vps or dedicated in my opinion would be the best but it requires more work and knowledge.
But you will get guaranteed dedicated ram and cpu power


I would recommend zap-hosting. They’re very reliable.


zap-hosting is very good. They now have a dedicated team for fivem


I was with them but they were terrible?


Why is that? Me and all friends only had good support and good experience


They don’t help with anything? I asked for help with setting it up since I was new and didn’t understand and they just didn’t reply at all!


Well with the new service they may have a shitload of tickets give m time


so you use them? I need one for a rp server?


Yes i use them. They offervRP and ESX Preinstalled. There is ur RP lol


What about car packs?


If you cannot install a car pack, you should not be running a server.


ye some of them don’t work lol


Agreed. (Fucking 20 char)


Some of what do not work?


I think he means some vehicle packs don’t work.


Well that is not zap-hosting’s fault.


didn’t say it was but I ask for help but no reply lol


Ask on the original topic.